A VERY SCARY TOILET PAPER STORY . . . get the straight poop here!!!

A VERY SCARY TOILET PAPER STORY…..get the straight poop here!!!

Fact : The huge toilet paper companies have been logging and clearcutting the ancient and extremely eco-important Canadian Boreal Forest. Insane damage is being done to these forests just to wipe our butts! Millions of acres (larger than the state of Ohio) are being cruelly sliced down and this forest is one of earth’s most precious ‘carbon sinks’. Every time the forest is logged, it INCREASES global warming; seriously effects wildlife and indigenous peoples ; plus the actual bleaching process involved in tp production does extensive harm. So.. YES—-YOUR CHOICE of TOILET PAPER DOES MATTER!!!

The worst offenders are anything marked ‘ultra-soft’ , ‘super-soft’ , etc…..these have to be produced from the whole virgin tree. So please say a giant ‘NO’ to Charmin , Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, etc. These companies are creating a smokescreen around their tree-damaging actions by using words like ‘sustainable’ and ‘we’re replanting the forest’ on their packaging and promo. But it will take many many generations to truly restore the forest after this clearcutting horror and THE PLANET CAN’T WAIT for this! Many of these companies are refusing to change any of their business-as-usual logging and refusing to listen to the NRDC (natural resources defense council) or to the thousands of letters from consumers. Instead they’re covering their packages in ‘eco-lingo’ to try to avoid being boycotted for their greedy logging practices. Some of these companies have become members of the Forest Stewardship Council…its a small step in the right direction BUT they need to stop logging now and start incorporating recycled and truly sustainable fibers in their toilet paper / napkins / paper towel production.
Please buy toilet paper with the highest recycled content (post-consumer waste) like Marcal or switch to bamboo/ cane/hemp toilet paper which is made from these very fast-growing truly-sustainable crops. Yes-there ARE eco-brands that make strong and soft toilet paper……’Who Gives A Crap.org / Medline #NON26800 / REEL / Grove Collaborative and more….. Become a TP detective and find the one that fits YOUR needs. OR …you can follow the lead of most of the world and get a very affordable bidet attachment that easily fits onto your existing toilet.
We need to demand that more eco and recycled choices become available to us in our grocery stores. Please DITCH the forest-killing TP brands and SWITCH to 100% recycled / bamboo/ cane/ hemp or a bidet. This logging must stop NOW.

Best Toilet Paper?

Have you been mislead by advertising on what’s the best tissue to use. Do you really think your butt can tell the difference between extra soft toilet paper that’s squeezable soft and regular lower price toile paper?


Me neither. And there’s a good reason to run from these more expensive products. That’s why we’re devoting this section of our collecting to environmentally appropriate tissues.